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Shu-yi's philosophy

Be Honest
Being pragmatic and honest is the philosophy of Shu-yi.

By the pragmatic& honest spirit and professional& quick service, we look for excellent and appropriate talents for our clients, making enterprises keep predominance in market competition;

By the pragmatic& honest spirit, we help talents build opportunity in career development, make them stand firmly in society of increasing competition;

Being pragmatic& honest is the philosophy of Shu-yi business; being guidance of Shu-yi in changes and development, it is also the rules of Shu-yi colleagues in work.


Objective and True

Matter-of-fact attitude is the basis of Shu-yi strategy.

Taking objective fact as basis, report will be carried out truly and evaluation will be made objectively on candidates; also background research shall be carried out timely.

 Taking objective fact as basis, we will introduce candidates with clients’ enterprise culture, management system, team development and payment system, etc.; being objective and true is the principle in Shu-yi’s operation.

Professional and Quick

Providing professional and quick service is the fundamentality of Shu-yi’s leading position

By providing professional and quick service, we keep the leading position in the field; being professional and quick is the fundamentality for Shu-yi to keep its advancement;

By providing professional and quick service, we cultivate employees to make them be in international top status in operation capacity and service level;

By providing professional and quick service, each consultant is encouraged to keep improving in operation skills and achieve high standard operation level;

Being professional and quick is Shu-yi’s forever topic.


Cherish Talents as Gold

Talents are precious fortune for Shu-yi

Honest, reliable and virtuous employees are precious fortune and driving force for steady development of Shu-yi

Cultivating honest& reliable quality and professional morality of employees is our obligatory responsibility; it is the precondition to guarantee quality service for clients;

Put those who have both morality and capacity in an important position; cultivate those who have morality but without capacity; employ carefully those who have capacity but without morality; do not employ those who have neither morality nor capacity.


Fair and Justice

Fair system is what Shu-yi is looking for.

Fair and justice is the core value that Shu-yi is looking for. For employees, clients, candidates and cooperative partners, Shu-yi will operate under fair system to achieve win-win situation; this is Shu-yi’s constant pursuit.